Important F1 pre season dates before 2023 Season

The upcoming Formula One season is rapidly approaching and anticipation is building as the countdown to the opening race in Bahrain begins. While the official start date for the first grand prix of 2023 is March 5th, excitement begins to escalate during the month of February. All important f1 pre season dates before 2023 campaign, have been confirmed.

The lead up to the new Formula One season includes not only the reveal of the new cars, but also the debut of the latest season of “Drive to Survive” and the crucial pre-season testing at the Bahrain International Circuit. These events all take place in February, providing fans with a wide range of exciting and action-packed moments to look forward to. Whether you use an electronic or a traditional calendar, it is important to mark down these key dates to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the F1 action.

Launches of the 2023 cars

Currently, nearly all Formula One teams have announced the date for the reveal of their new car for the upcoming season, with only the Haas team yet to do so.

The Haas team will be the first to showcase their new car on January 31st 2023. The table below includes the announced dates for each team’s car reveal. Please note that this table is updated after the Haas team announced the date for their car’s unveiling.

2023 F1 Car Launch Dates

  • Haas – Tuesday, January 31st
  • Red Bull Racing – Friday, February 3
  • Williams – Monday, February 6
  • Alfa Romeo – Tuesday, February 7
  • AlphaTauri – Saturday, February 11
  • Aston Martin – Monday, February 13
  • McLaren – Monday, February 13
  • Ferrari – Tuesday, February 14
  • Mercedes – Wednesday, February 15
  • Alpine – Thursday, February 16

Testing in Bahrain

The pre-season testing for the 2023 Formula One season is taking place at the Bahrain International Circuit from February 23rd to February 25th. Similar to the previous year, teams will only have three days to test their cars, as opposed to the traditional six days spread over two weeks at various circuits.

Drive to Survive – Season 5

Formula One has announced that the fifth season of the popular Netflix series “Drive to Survive” will be premiering soon. The show, which centers around the 2022 F1 season, will be available for streaming on Netflix from February 24th. This announcement was made in partnership with Netflix.

Formula 1 season – 2023

The start of the official F1 season begins shortly after the conclusion of pre-season testing. As a result, Teams that encounter significant issues during the testing period will need to work diligently to ensure their cars are ready for the first race. The 2023 Formula One season will officially commence on March 3rd. With the first and second free practice sessions held in Bahrain. The first Grand Prix of the record 23-race calendar will take place on March 5th, which is two days after the practice sessions.

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