Hamilton Impelled to Shorten ‘Oscar speech’ buffoonery

David urges hamilton to shorten oscar speech

Lewis Hamilton Impelled to Shorten ‘Oscar speech’ buffoonery. David Coulthard, former F1 race winner, has advised  Hamilton to be more cautious with his political statements during F1 events.

Over the winter, FIA revised the International Sporting Code to require drivers to seek written approval from the governing body before making any political statements.

The modification has elicited conflicting viewpoints, with some considering it a restriction on free speech and others seeing it as a way to keep politics from dominating the sport.

Recently, Hamilton has utilized his high-profile status to support the Black Lives Matter cause.  He brought attention to the importance of promoting diversity and equal rights in motorsport and society as a whole.

Four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel has made his position on environmental concerns. His stance is evident, famously donning a shirt that read ‘Miami 2060. 1st underwater Grand Prix’ during last year’s debut of the event.

F1 politics – All or nothing

David Coulthard shared his thoughts on the divisive issue, comparing it to acceptance speeches at the Oscars. He pointed out that if everyone takes advantage of such opportunities. As a result, make political statements, no issue would be deemed unimportant by someone.

“Therefore, either we must address every issue or it’s probably better to refrain from making any political statements and concentrate on the sport. Athletes are lucky to receive payment for activities others would do without compensation.

“It is important to remember that we are referring to sporting regulations, not political rules”. Hence, Lewis Hamilton Impelled to Shorten ‘Oscar speech’ buffoonery.

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